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the hamburgler was here

Drop everything and go over to Jasper's website to check out the great new pictures of the Surefire lads from their recent photoshoot at Pianos. I couldn't help but marvel at how much older the boys look in these great new shots as compared to their previous press photos. Looking good guys.

In other news...

The Madison Strays are confirmed to open for the fantastic Moving Units at Mercury Lounge on July 16th. The winglady reported back rave reviews of Moving Units from SXSW, and this will be the first chance I've had to check them out. And of course, we all know how hard the Strays rock, so this looks to be an excellent night of music. Pre-order your tickets on Ticketweb.

Scott Stereogum is quoted in the Sunday NY Post on his entertaining chronicles of Britney Spears decline into a white trash mess. Hey ya'll, make sure you marry for love or your marriage will be "ugh." Right...

We spent the 4th of July downing jello shots like we were back in high school. We all want orange scooters. Saw Spiderman 2, vast improvement on Spiderman number 1, and would like someone to "always have been standing in our doorway." Awwwwww...

PS: It's too hot for pie.

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