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no mistake here...

I know I entirely dropped the ball on this one, but I was electricity challenged so you'll have to forgive me. Matt GoStation gave me the heads up via text message a few mornings ago that The Bravery were mentioned in NME. While the NME drops more band names than... I do (haha), this is still pretty damn cool.

Thanks to Jeff for the following:

"America's answer to Franz Ferdinand, and the band everyone's talking about in New York."

And I can say I knew them way back when (what was that, two months ago) when I saw them play at Plaid after downing some 10 odd drinks at an open bar and I looked at Nicole and said "What is this band called? The Celery? They're fucking great!"

Back then the band was opening for The GoStation, who turned in a stellar performance last night at the Delancey. Maybe I'm partial, but "C'mon" is perhaps their best song yet, the GoStation power ballad if you will (Wonderwall?). After their set the room became packed to capacity for Tommy Stinson, who hit on my friend and then proceeded to play a long acoustic set in what became a virtual oven of a room. At one point Stinson commented "So I hear this is one of the hottest new clubs in the city... well you know, I certainly am hot up here." We ended up at Broadcast to say farewell to Michael T as he heads off to the west coast. For some reason I asked him if he was going to go surfing, which he found hilarious (and OK, so would I). Jed has an amazing recap of the rest of the evening (the moral of this story: leave the Jersey boys alone), and I'm too lazy to type anymore because there is sushi dinner waiting for me. Be back Monday with updates on Curiosa and whatever else I manage to come up with.

i can pretty much die happy now

"no, rich, not all girls stand around talking about facials"