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"no, rich, not all girls stand around talking about facials"

Why hello.

First off, I'd love to welcome all my new visitors from the I know you're mostly here because people feel the need to be publicly lame when it comes to me, but that's ok because we at irockiroll know we're just that much better for it. So stay, read some stuff, and if you happen to know a) where my wallet is or b) why they insist on drilling the street outside my apartment at 8 am that would also be awesome. Just a thought.

Secondly, this is just a reminder that tonight DUTCH KILLS is playing @ Southpaw (Sometimes I "name-drop" bands because I actually manage them. Shocking!). The band is playing with Looker and Saintface, who I have heard excellent things about, so it should be a great show. And thanks to the lovely Karibomb, we're having an afterparty @ Rothko with Benzos + Asobi Seksu. So whatever show you're going to tonight, we'll be seeing you later on.

Quote of Thursday evening: "Wow, it's great to be up here on this roof deck, out in the fresh air... surrounded by cigarette smoke."

I can't believe it's almost August. I keep forgetting that Curiosa is this weekend too. I think maybe it's just too exciting to really be comprehended.

no mistake here...

power on