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Okay, two days with no power in my apartment. I don't deal well with "amish living" so I spent most of the time doing fun things outside of my "home office", like seeing The Fever rock the SPIN offices (thank you Peter for a fantastic time) and spinning tunes at my favorite Williamsburg bar (and not just because they let me charge my cellphone there). I love that I can just show up with my CDs and play whatever I want for strangers for hours... it's kind of amazing how you know that certain songs are guranteed to make people dance no matter what. I would tell George "Ok.. just wait... here they go..." and there they went. At the end of the night a really nice girl came up to the booth and actually thanked me because her and her friends had such a great time. That fucking rocked.

But now my electricity is back on and I have a billion and one emails to respond to. But before I get to it, I'm going to see Thee GoStation play @ The Delancey.

Also, I'm throwing a huge party in Williamsburg next Friday, and it's a big deal, so please clear your calendars because I love you like that.

"no, rich, not all girls stand around talking about facials"

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