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i hate yo face! (but i like eagle*seagull a lot)

everyone loves a good backstory. and this post has TWO.

my friend josh told me about the band eagle*seagull 83597283957 billion years ago (aka: two) when we were downstairs at Bowery Ballroom and I begged him to tell me about some new music because I was going thru one of those phases where I hate everything in my itunes. He was like actually, I have this band that sounds like a cross between Arcade Fire and Smashing Pumpkins. So my head then exploded, and he write down their name for me. Fast forward and now everyone seems to love this band, which is awesome. I have still NEVER seen them live, because my scheduling talents have gone all to hell, but I still love them.

on top of that, my friend Jessica is always telling me (lovingly) that she either loves or hates my face. usually this is when she is drunk, and it's pretty funny, and now there is a SONG ABOUT IT, by EAGLE*SEAGULL.

wonderful! here it is:

eagle*seagull - I'm Sorry But I'm Beginning To Hate Your Face

they will also be playing at Mercury Lounge on October 17th for CMJ. I desperately need to get into this show.

here's one of my favorite older songs by the band too.

eagle*seagull - photograph

i wish it was the 60s, i wish we could be happy

holiday, celebrate!