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i wish it was the 60s, i wish we could be happy

last night i went to see Across The Universe, which pretty much doled out hook line and sinker every possible cliche about the 60s you could imagine. and while I love the Beatles, and loved looking at and listening to Jim Sturgess, the film could have used some serious editing (it tops out at a little over 2 hours long) and something called actual plot developement. it really pains me to say this, because i wanted so badly to love this movie, and there were a few truely beautiful moments, but in general I just feel like it all could have been so much more than it was, both special effects wise and especially in terms of the script. the beatles music lends itself so well to the stories of life and love, i just wish i had felt like this film truely did justice to the music.

nevertheless, come great musicians lent their talents to the soundtrack and also appeared in the film. the scenes with Bono were definitely a treat -- has he done any acting before?

Bono & Secret Machines - I Am The Walrus

Joe Cocker - Come Together

ilu, radiohead

i hate yo face! (but i like eagle*seagull a lot)