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because i'm........ yeah.

Oh good lord. Here we go. I'm blogging about a song, and the song is called this:

The Dollyrots - Because I'm Awesome


Someone (thank you!) emailed this to me this morning, who found it via Heartonastick, who has a much more in depth take on it than I am going to attempt here. But if you ever liked bands like Letters to Cleo, or if you maybe secretly like Ashlee Simpson songs (an exboyfriend of mine LOVES the song "La La", no joke) but really do NOT like Ashlee Simpson just out of principle, then I think this song is for you. Or hell, if you're just plain awesome and want to tell your co-workers and roommates about it via musical example.

I'd probably dance around my bedroom to this in my underwear. But um... I did not tell you that. I sent this to Rachael and now she's digging through her CD to collection for her Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack. There you have it. Grrrrrrrrl power and stuff.

Happy tuesday.

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