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virgins and birthdays

I keep meaning to talk about the Virgins on this blog, especially since I think every other word out of my friend Piper's mouth lately has been something about this band. They played a residency at Pianos and I totally suck and missed every show. BUT I have been digging their music for a while now, and they are going to be touring around the country with Jet for a couple of months, including an April 5th stop at Webster Hall.

Ideally I still want to see them rock out at a smaller venue and you probably do too, but this is def. a band to keep on your radar. And look how cute they are covered with candy! Awwww. Also, this song rocks.

The Virgins - Rich Girls

Speaking of sweet things, I'm having a birthday party this Friday, because that is my birthday. I mention this mostly because my friend Carolyn designed this AWESOME invitation for me, and she also does (usually for free I believe or a totally reasonable fee) fliers for bands and parties. SO if you are a band, and you are lacking in the photoshop skills department, I HIGHLY recommend you send Carolyn an email at She is the nicest girl ever and has a FAST turn-around time too.

And, as I mentioned, here is my birthday flier. There are no bands playing as there were in previous years, but the music will be awesome. And there will be cupcakes and cheap alcohol. It's not a private party or anything, because I'm having that seperately, so feel free to stop by if you want.

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