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they're scientists, i'm hooked

I woke up this morning and I was really mad at myself? Why, you ask? Well, because I had never listened to We Are Scientists up until a few days ago, despite the urging of several of my friends. Sometimes things get so hectic around here that great music escapes me, and I like to beat myself up about it. How do I do that? Well I listen to their EP on contant repeat until I'm nearly sick todeath of them and yet can't believe how awesome I think they are.

I'm sure you've noticed this band being mentioned in numerous blogs lately, with everyone from Central Village to the uber fan Ultragrrrl singing their praises. But I'm a firm believer that bloggers can't talk about bands like this enough, until the masses start to really pay attention. We're just a tiny corner of the net anyways. So fall in love with a band and tell all your friends. That's what I'm really doing here in the first place (except maybe I'm telling a few strangers in the process). Even if I'm the last person chasing after the bandwagon, I'll just reiterate that this is a great band.

Anyways, you can catch We Are Scientists at their CMJ showcase at Scenic on Saturday. I think I might have to miss it because I'm djing another showcase that night, but don't be bummed out like me. Don't miss this band. Because then you'll beat yourself up about it too.

We Are Scientists - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt

oops.. guess the link to "Inaction" didn't work, but I think you can still download that and one other mp3 on their website.

a national tour possibly gone wrong...