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sparks, egg salad and scientists

Monday night Nicole and I went out in the rain to a little shindig at the Cornerstone offices to celebrate... Commemorate... pay attention to... whathaveyou... the new AMAZING album by We Are Scientists.

Seeing as how I already love this band, they still managed to somehow make me love them even more (that might have been the six sparks I drank but... whatever). While we were noshing on egg salad sandwiches, the three band members (who actually sort of strangely resemble science teachers that I had in grade school) introduced two of their music videos for "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" and "The Great Escape." The two clips feature awesome things like them getting chased by a guy in a giant bear costume (they told us the bear was killed in the making of the video... so I hope no one from Peta reads my blog) and the band showering together (HOT).

After the videos we went around and met everyone and they couldn't have been nicer, which is always cool since we were obviously hopped up on the aforementioned sparks and the lovely Aeki Tuesday and her friend Bryan were taking photos like crazy. These are the kind of guys who cuddle kittens and wear argyle sweaters and yet manage to make a fantastic album that will rock you right out of your socks (these are all great things). We also learned that one of the members actually IS a scientist... or at least has a degree in engineering (the drummer).

We Are Scientists - The Great Escape

They are opening for Ambulance Ltd tomorrow night at Bowery Ballroom.

thank you thank you thank you