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thank you thank you thank you

we just wanted to say a quick THANK YOU to all of the bands that played on friday night at fat baby, to all of the people who came out to party with us, and to everyone that made the night possible. our first show at this new venue was a total success (sold out!!!) and we are so excited for all the things we are currently booking. the space is beautiful, the bartenders are nice, the sound is incredible and we have lots of talent to showcase in the coming months!

Boys of THE DIVIDE, MORNING THEFT (aka. Weezer), and THE WALK-UP: you rock our world and we love you, so thanks!

check the fat baby website for upcoming shows... we are putting together quite an exciting calendar of events!!

nicola + nora (aka. good angel vs. bad angel)

blog entry written in manic three minutes

sparks, egg salad and scientists