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wondering what it's like to fall...

okay, since nora is holed up in a skanky courtroom in brooklyn 'serving her civic duties' today, i figured i'd update the blog to give you all something to read. how nice of me, right?? right.

so, there's this band called alpha rev, and they are 1/2 based in nyc and 1/2 based in austin, tx. they played at fat baby last month (yeah i know, boo! hiss! fat baby! everyone hates fat baby! whatevs), and they sold the show out before the door even opened. that's pretty damn impressive!

they have what seems to be a semi-rotating cast of band members depending on who is available for any given show (at the fat baby show there were 7 of them on stage!), but there are 4 permanent members- casey, tim, sanjay and gautam. you may remember casey from the illfated austin emo buzz band, endochine, and tim is the drummer for pop darling, jem. gautam and sanjay are veterans of one of my recent favorite bands that have hit the rocks and unfortunately split up, passenger. so you'd think if you combined all of these noteworthy musicians you'd end up with noteworthy music, right? bingo!

i have to say that i enjoyed their live show MUCH more than their recorded tracks. at one point i actually turned to xiaoting and asked *is this the same band as the one from the website?*. they kind of blew me away. casey is a dead ringer for what i'd expect the vocal love child of chris martin + thom yorke + matt bellamy to sound like... and the rest of the guys were super tight on stage. the only problem is, that with 7 band members, they need quite a large performance space and 1/2 of them ended up in front of the stage at fat baby! these boys are definitely a big stage act, all the way.

take a listen to 'stuck in a crowd', and keep in mind it sounds much fuller live.

next goal- convince nora to see them play!

okay, enough of my yammering- these boys play pretty songs AND they've got a great sense of humor. check out their recently filmed spot for MTV cribs (love it!), and check THEM out the next time they are in town. i *may* have more info on that soon (wink, wink).


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