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I'm getting old.

nora : dude that FOB show was awesome
nora: hahaha
jerry: did you go?
nora: yep!
jerry: hahahaha
nora: i went, i moshed, it was hilarious
jerry: was ridiculous?
nora: so much ridiculous
nora: the best part was that the only people at the bar were us
nora: and moms
nora: LOTS of moms
jerry: HAHAHA
jerry: drinking with the moms
jerry:thats great
nora:awww some of these girlfan comments on bv are so sad
nora: i wonder if "glittergrl3890" got tickets or not
nora: wait.. does that mean she was born on march 8th 1990?
nora: in which case i feel super old right now?
Jerry Yeti: yes
nora: oh my god...
jerry: I havent read the comments since it was announced
jerry: we ARE old

anyways, if you want to come celebrate my getting older and perhaps becoming less of an appropriate attendee for a secret Fall Out Boy concert (even if it was just for the fun of it), I'm having a birthday party at The Annex (Orchard between Stanton and Rivington) - part of the Stolen Transmission Party hosted by Sarah and Karen. It's a co-party with my friend Mahsa, who is another Smashing Pumpkins loving pisces from Chicago. Fun times, starts at 10, cupcakes included. No Clap Your Hands Say Yeah performance this year (I tried! Sort of..), but I'd love to see everyone.

wondering what it's like to fall...