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levy: "so hard," but they make it seem effortless

The other night I helped put on a show that didn't really work out well monitarily speaking (boo), but in all other repects I thought it was pretty great. The highlight for me was seeing one of my favorite and perhaps most underrated NYC bands, Levy, put on the best show I have seen from them yet. Singer/songwriter James has the lovelorn ballad thing down to a fine art, and not in a cheesy "your body is a wonderland" kind of way either. While "old" favorites like "Rotten Love" and their encore of "On The Dancefloor" where as wonderful as always, the standouts of their set for me were tracks from the album they are currently working on entitled "Glorious."

Here are two demos for you that I still cannot get out of my head:

Levy - So Hard

Levy - Squeeze

Big thanks to the Go Station, who also played possibly the best show I've seen from them also. The band recently signed a single deal to release the track "All Together Now," so congrats guys!

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