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embrace your inner sweater vest

So in reading online about NYC band The Ballet, this term "sissy pop band" has been getting thrown around a lot (I guess since the band actually uses this label to describe themselves). I'm not sure how I feel about the word sissy as a music descriptor, especially since the jingle-jangle rock pop that they play has always been really appealing to me, especially on my happier days. Then again, they are called The Ballet, something your older brother probably wouldn't cop to listening to unless he himself wears a lot of sweater vests (oh and btw does anyone else find their album cover and the cover for that band Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's album -- you've heard of them, right? -- to be earily similiar looking?). Geeks of the world unite, trade in your Magnetic Fields albums and give this band a listen.

The Ballet - In My Head (right click save as)

i'll tell everyone

levy: "so hard," but they make it seem effortless