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So I know this is a tad bit belated, but I just made my afternoon lovelier by listening to The Changes podcast from their KEXP in studio. John and Cheryl described them as bubbly, which couldn't be more accurate if you've ever been a room with these four. Oh, and even THEY love their new album, Today Is Tonight (which, btw is NOW available on iTunes so you should really go buy it.. like NOW).

cuteness abounds

In even more mind blowing news, the band are gearing up for a tour, where they will share a stage with... TALLY HALL. A line up like this is possibly more than I could even handle. One of these joint shows will be The Changes album release party on October 20th at the Double Door in Chicago.

Thanks to Rachael for uploading this:

The Changes- LIVE on KEXP

In other and ENTIRELY unreleated news, today is apparently "Talk Like A Pirate Day" or something. Yaaaarrrr. And apparently because of this Jerry decided it would be fitting to post possibly the most frightening song EVER recorded. And Jerry, I love you, but I'm still not convinced that by "frightening" I mean "happy." Check it out.

go see this band

embrace your inner sweater vest