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put your ass in a chair

okay hi. i used to update this blog a lot. i'm going to try to do that again, mostly because a) i have the time now and b) to stop people giving me a hard time about it. i write this stuff for them anyways, so I figure it's good to keep them happy. and i have actual free time, which is probably short lived and probably awesome. no it IS awesome.

for instance, i was a seat filler at the vmas last night. this was ridiculous, mostly just because it proved to me that MTV has pretty much zero relevance in my life. I had no idea what was going on, except that JT brought sexy back and the lovely babies that are panic! at the disco (i love them, i don't care what you say) won at the last minute, and that was awesome. but otherwise, it was basically a hip hop show, which you KNOW sucks when Jack White is relegated to being in the HOUSE BAND. What huh?

Anyways, so I'm going to try to write more, but first and foremost, I'm helping put on this show so you should probably be there:

OK then, more soon.

levy: "so hard," but they make it seem effortless

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