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loving rotten love : Levy

Yesterday while i was doing my laundry and other exciting domestic activities, I put on one of the CDs I got in the mail recently by a band called Levy. lately everywhere I go people seem to be talking about this band, especially their close friends in the city who are excited that they are getting so much attention.

and deservedly so... this is a great album they have put together, especially the title track, "Rotten Love," which jumped out at me as soon as it came blasting through the speakers and stayed with me long after I was done folding my socks. I don't know if anyone else got this, but this song screams Coldplay to me, except that Levy aren't trying too hard to fill the need or demand to be the "best band in the world." and their subtle, modest approach is what makes me like them so much.

the way i listen to an album, i always end up putting one track on HEAVY repeat and then listen to it until i just can't take it anymore and have to find a new favorite track.. and so on and so forth. right now, "Rotton Love" just won't stop.

get addicted to it like me:

Levy - Rotten Love

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