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i appreciate you

So I got my camera out just a bit late in the game, but Jerry improvised as you see (JERRY RULES). And if I wasn't so wiped out from all the Filter "Music Appreciation" (more like open bar appreciation if you ask me) last night I would photoshop the Walkmen into this photo where they had been playing maybe half an hour or so before. But no. And I don't even like the Walkmen, though I do like "The Rat." And I like free alcohol but I don't like bad sound - and there was BAD sound. I would have LOVED to see the Duke Spirit but Brett and I opted to eat dinner at Bubbys (yuuuum) so I missed seeing the band AGAIN. BOO. Tragedy.

But I did see the awesome lad that is Get Cape Wear Cape Fly so that will just have to do. OH! And I drank some green vodka.

Life is rad.

Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly - Whitewash Is Brainwash

(oh and i also want to point out that i've been blogging a lot lately so.. let's call this the comeback?)

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