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nora: well... i mean they are writing
nora: so sorta yay
jeff: they'll put something out, I'm sure of it
jeff: the question is - will they tour and play pumpkins songs?
nyc nora: they had FUCKING BETTER
jeff: agreed
nora: otherwise there is no deal
nora: i mean what would be the difference
nora: between that and zwan?
jeff: well, I'd still buy the record
nora: i mean... seriously
jeff: I loved zwan!
nora: so did i (i even saw them live. true story)
jeff: but I was bummed that they weren't playing any pumpkins at the shows
nora: but smashing pumpkins is smashing pumpkins
nora: it's not just a band name that you throw around

first axl rose at misshapes and now this?

i appreciate you