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the changes reach the other shore!

Rob from I Rock I Roll favorites The Changes (from Chicago) thrilled me today by sending me this clip from NME where Ross from the Futureheads namedrops them and then some as one of his favorite bands that he's listening to now. How effing cool is that?

The band is currently in the studio finishing up their album, which features a LOT of new tracks including "Water of the Gods," "Sisters" and "House of Style," which apparently in honor of designer Tod Oldham whom they met at Sundance earlier this year, how fancy! As Rob told me, "he liked that song cause he heard Dave playing it for Darren before our show during soundcheck."

First the bloggers, then the designers, then the industry, then um.. celebrities and then the world? Right? right.

Here's what the NME thang looked like:

Jeff gave me a brownie at lunch and it has made me entire day exponentially better. Jeff, therefore, rules.

Also while I'm here, I forgot to mention that a week or two ago I saw the Cinematics at Rothko and COMPLETELY love and adored them. I'm not sure why they aren't huge, but I think they should be. Though they don't come across quite as well on their album I suppose. Their lead singer is entirely adorable and has the most wonderful accent ever. I just wanted to smoosh him. Oh and he wore stripes too (ala the cuteness maximus that is The Boy Least Likely To... see. below), see evidence here. Accents and stripes.. I'm all about it!

Download something good:

The Cinematics - Chase

ps: the word of the day is "buckets"

i appreciate you

the cute most likely to