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nice surprises when you least expect them: the picture

Something I've been wanting to make an effort not to do anymore is continually going to see the same bands over and over again. obviously it's important to go out and support your friends when you can, and if you really LOVE a band then you just can't keep yourself away. Oh and people will give you a hard time too for skipping out on their shows, even though they mean well. Sometimes a girl just needs some new music in her life.

So that is basically what brought me to mercury lounge on wednesday to see The Upwelling for the up-teenth time this year. And please, don't get me wrong here, I really think this band is a) very talented and b) going places. And I had actually been at Merc the night before to see Madison Strays and hear "last train" live although I could probably perform it myself just well at this point that's how many times I have seen them do it... so I guess I wasn't doing very well with my aformentioned effort.

The great thing that resulted from all of this, however, is that after the Upwelling's set, when most of their fans had fled elsewhere, I stuck around (at the recommendation of the always spot-on Steve) to see this really great band called The Picture. It was clear from the crowd that they already have a very strong and devoted following, at least around here. So now you can count me amongst them.

And my instant attraction to their sound shouldn't really be surprising if you know me at all. Dark and moody, shoe-gaze well done rock songs with just the right tinge of brit pop (one of them is from Liverpool, afterall!). My only issue was their stage setting with the five band members in the darkness while two bright spotlights blazed out from behind them. Sound familiar? Well what it looks like is Saints and Lovers. But then someone reminded me that they probably ripped it off from Secret Machines before them.. and last I heard they were all friends. Immitation is a form of flattery afterall, but The Picture have a great thing going all on their own. I enjoyed them so much I immediately bought their EP from the merch table (which my broke-ass rarely does) and have been enjoying it all weekend. Here are two of my favorite tracks for you to check out:

The Picture - Blind Side

The Picture - Sellout

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