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pretty songs by pretty men

Last night I had the chance to go to the Cutting Room to see James Blunt, who apparently is currently ruling the charts over in the UK. I dragged Jed along with me, and he basically compared the entire experience to seeing Gavin Degraw live or something. Or maybe it was Evan Dando. I don't remember. This is music that my little sister (well she's 20, so not that little) eats up with a spoon. She loves the hot singer songwriter guy, and it has never really been my thing, save for the likes of Ben Folds, Ben Kweller, or Aqualung (if that counts) I guess.

But I was honestly really impressed with what James does, and he certainly is cute and talented and has personality personality personality which really made the entire set a joy to watch. Jed also thought he heard one of his songs on that WB show Summerland (the lovely "You're Beautiful" which I'm pretty sure is his single also) so I would expect him to be pretty popular here sooner or later. And he has a song called "No Bravery" which should be an instant hit with half of the New York scene... you know what I mean.

You can check out one of his songs and get some other goodies by checking out this ecard.

edit: Jed just told me that he actually compared the show to seeing David Gray, not any of those other people I mentioned. Oops.

the kids love this stuff

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