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nothing much to report

Perry Ferrel really can't get a break. First Lollapalooza is cancelled and now Jane's Addiction is forming a new band without him in it? It's okay Peretz, you can come over to my apartment and I'll give you a hug. It seems like you need one.

For those of you who aren't taking 2000 mg of antibiotics a day, I say this weekend you should go to Misshapes because there is going to be a $10 open bar from 10-4am. My little alcoholic heart bleeds for this.

So inevitably you are going to have a better weekend than I am, but that's ok because next week Nora will be back (with a vengeance) and will drink you under the table, behind the bar, on top of the bar, and out the door.

In the meantime, read and learn everything you always wanted to know about The GoStation (and probably a little bit more than that).

my pet goat

that's some crazy shit man