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my pet goat

Today we officially launched the "Nora: the Return To Health Tour," and it was good. We brunched, we drank many mimosas whilst listening to Jay-Z and walked all over the village, bumping into lovely people and soaking up the Sunday sunshine accompanied by a nice breeze. Verdict: healthy Nora is a good good thing!

Another good good thing that was the number one movie this weekend (take that, "White Chicks"), was Farenheit 9/11. Although I'm sure a ton of people have already told you to go see this movie, just add me to those numbers because it's just that important to view. Though some may be quick to rally behind the notion that Moore's film is very one sided, if our own media and government didn't present us with such a distorted and one sided view themselves, maybe a film like Moore's wouldn't be as necessary as it is. This isn't the case, so more power to him. Go, see, now.

moving into july

nothing much to report