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moving into july

We're moving. A whopping two whole blocks, but this is still an ordeal that requires more attention to boxing up life than going out and seeing bands and getting wasted (fortunately? unfortunately?). By the end of the week we will be relocated into a nicer, higher up apartment with a hot rooftop with a great view that you can look at when you get drunk before you fall off. Rockin.

We still hate moving though.

Also, Surefire, The Bravery, and Elkland (also playing @ Pianos on the 7th) are all playing together at Rothko on the 11th of July. There's something to be excited about now, even if the show is in the middle of the afternoon...

We're still bummed about the cancelled Bastion/Morning Theft show this week, but hopefully something can be reschedueled for next month because July is looking very much awesome for shows and hopefully this hot lineup can be a part of that...

Such as Benzos are playing a *free* (magic words!) showcase at Pianos on the 9th. Still can't believe it's already July.

i'll give you the reason...

my pet goat