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little sister involves cowbell. yay!

- Someone got to my blog today by searching on Google for "josh homme groupie." yeah, NO KIDDING! Apparently something hottt involving QOTSA is going down in Union Square on March 21st.

Is Josh going to profess his undying love for me? Or at least perform naked? Too bad the Virgin Megastore is being such a tease. We'll see what happens... for now, I hope he just feels better so they don't have to cancel more shows!

- The Fame are having their CD release party @ Pianos on March 3rd. Everyone who goes to the show gets a copy of their EP, Get On The Beat. The band sent me a copy of it and it is gooooooooooooood. Go to this show if you can, because they are leaving on a US tour after it!

- Elkland are playing a show @ The Delancey tonight, before they go to Europe to open for ERASURE. I picked up a copy of their 7" single for "Apart" and the remix on it is GREAT.

- The GoStation are playing a free show @ Luna Lounge tonight. The Luna Lounge is the first place I ever saw them play. I'm getting sadder and sadder that it is closing every day...

- Benzos are playing March 12th @ Pianos and you can catch the Bravery on March 24th @ Rothko.

where do you keep it?

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