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Surefire last night @ Luna Lounge... ahhhhmazing as always. I can't wait for their new EP to be done (unless it already IS done and nobody told me). And how psyched am I that they are playing Misshapes this Saturday. Although now it appears I may be attending some sort of roller derby over by Montrose.

After Surefire there were 283592735 options of things to do, but I am very glad that we decided to haul it over to Williamsburg to check out the French Kicks @ NorthSix. Their lead singer is sex on a very tall delicous stick and I really loved what I heard. LOVED IT. I got a free poster (free when you take it off the wall). I am going to hang it over my bed and have many dreams about dreamy boys playing dreamy keyboards.

And just so you know, I do not just like bands because I happen to find certain members of the band attractive in some way. I know it might seem that way, but really it's not true! But it doesn't hurt....


According to productshopnyc, THE SHINS have been confirmed to open for Morrissey @ the Apollo. Goddamn it, and I don't have a ticket???? Maybe this means they will play some secret shows in NYC though. A girl can dream. But that also means that they'll be in town for what.. four or five days? Someone needs to unlose a phone number..

also, check out the weather report for us Coachella bound people. Holy god. I don't even know what to wear in weather like this anymore.

if you SOMEHOW have been living under a rock, wake up and RSVP to go see The GoStation tonight @ Plaid! So so worth your time, and there is an OPEN BAR. Magic words people. Matt promises the most intense GoStation show yet. This may or may not mean that they all play with no pants on. But to find out, you have to come! And if you get there during the open bar, I'll buy you a drink...