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i'll give you the reason...

"We're like vanilla. We just write good songs. I don't want to compare us to Creed, but it's like meat-and-potatoes music. Nobody will admit to being a Creed fan, but, dude, they sold 5 million records. Somebody likes Creeed. Sometimes people just want to hear a melody and lyrics they can understand." - Hoobastank's manager in Rolling Stone, talking about the band's appeal and how "new-metal bands are having a hard time" (boo hoo)

Good songs? Argh! Seriously, it's people like this and crap like this that is the reason that Lollapalooza and now possibly the Curiosa tour are selling poorly and get cancelled. WTF is wrong with people?! How disappointing.

it won't get cancelled at least, it's free!

moving into july