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that's some crazy shit man

I just learned about something by reading my own weblog. Damn. Sucks to all of you who bought Lollapalooza tickets and stuff. I would be pissed, but I couldn't afford that shit to begin with. Look on the bright side, now you can go to Curiosa AND drink your face off there. OR go to Curiosa twice!

Thanks for updating, winglady. Maybe I can persuade her to do that some more, like telling you all about the apparently amazing Wildhearts show she got to attend this weekend while I was downing acetaminophens and watching Nick @ Night.

If anything I'm sure she'll share a charming picture of me at the doctor after they killed me with a giant antibiotic shot.. where you don't ever want to get one. I know you said that everything is better there, Mark Paone, but I have to argue with ya on this one...

Back to my death bed. I love/hate you modern medicine.

nothing much to report

lollapalooza: CANCELLED.