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Life Lately in San Francisco: Remarkably Imperfect


I haven't written a proper life update here in a while, and since i'm currently sitting in a beautiful patio soaking up the sunshine... in San Diego... I figured there was no time like the present. Time really does fly, you guys. I feel like that is definitely something that old people say more and more frequently as they age, but it is the truth. I have now lived in San Francisco for 9 months. THAT IS SO CRAZY TO ME. And to say that it has been a roller coaster would be the understatement of a lifetime - in good ways and hard ways. Last night I caught up with a new SF friend over drinks and just had a really good honest talk, the kind which I tend to get so caught up in other things that I don't remember just how valuable those can be and how remarkable it is to sit in a vinyl booth next to someone who 9 months ago was a stranger to me and just think wow you really get me. Post cocktails and conversation we walked over to Rickshaw Stop to catch Lo-Fang play his first local SF show, which was equally as remarkable in how beautiful his music is and how CRAZY talented he is. 

In other things that have happened: I got a new job, I have watched many beautiful sunsets and one perfect sunrise, I went fishing and sat by a majestic lake and ate In-And-Out burger all in the same day, I went to a festival in Napa and tweeted about watching Smashmouth and got my tweet posted in the Washington Post as a result, I flew a ninja kite in Golden Gate Park, I visited Portland for the first time, ate a maple bacon donut and decided I want to move there when I decide to have babies and settle down (so in like 50 years), I cried at a baseball game, I caught walking pneumonia and lost my voice at another baseball game, I decided maybe baseball games and I aren't friends right now, I went to LA and had a perfect pizza dinner with a new friend (but I still am not big on LA), I signed up for zipcar and paid extra for insurance because I am a terrible driver, I devoured approximately 839752893753 burritos and drank x10 more bloody marys, I discovered I enjoy food truck parks, I still like whiskey and no one is surprised, I still hate baby corn, and I still am madly in love with San Francisco and all its imperfections. 

Let's see what comes next. 

Oh and you can now listen to archives of my radioshow online, so please do that and thank you. 

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PHOX - Slow Motion

PHOX - Slow Motion

James Vincent McMorrow covers Lana Del Rey

James Vincent McMorrow covers Lana Del Rey