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SF Eats: Marina Girl Salad at Tacolicious & a Grouplove track too

I have eaten some crazy good food since I've been here in San Francisco. And it has only been a week. The optimal part is that there are enough hills to hike up and down just by walking around that I feel like all the delicious calories I've consumed are somewhat  balanced out at least (file under: things I lie to myself about to be a happier individual). Today I am going to tell you about my favorite salad. I actually ate this salad back in April and it was so delicious that I am pretty sure I had DREAMS about it more than once in the time between then and now. Yeah, sometimes I dream about salads, sorry I'm not sorry. It's just so simple, and perfectly portioned and awesomely delicious. 

This salad is the Marina Girl Salad from Tacolicious - a SF "chain" if you will although it doesn't really feel that way. And yes, I agree the name of this salad is kind of terrible and makes it sound very south beach diet-y which is so not my truffle optimized french fry inhaling typical MO but you are just going to have to trust me on this one. It contains romaine, avocado, cucumber, radishes, pumpkin seeds, cotija cheese, some sort of MYSTERY VINAIGRETTE (seriously plz tell me what is in it)  and I added grilled shrimp the first time I ever ordered it at the Mission location and will never eat it any other way. If it's terribly wrong to go to a taco place and order a salad then I JUST DO NOT WANT TO BE RIGHT. Since moving here permanently I have honestly begged my friend Ashley any time she has been within earshot (and maaaaybe via text message) about how I need need need to eat it immediately and she patiently tolerated my salad demands this past weekend and let me tell you, the Marina Girl was just as good as I remembered. 

It also doesn't hurt that they DO have those delicious aformentioned tacos including one with shot-and-a-beer braised chicken (whOOAhh) and an array of tasty cocktails (I recommend the Paloma which combines one of my life passions, tequila, with elderflower and grapefruit. Yummy). 

So that's my salad love for you for today, and side note on the topic of things that are awesome have you guys listened to the new Grouplove album Spreading Rumours yet?  Because there is definitely no sophomore slump happening here - hands down contender for album of the year. Jam after jam and then BOOM more jams. Here's a fave: 


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