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Life Lately In San Francisco: Plans, Balls, Cocktails & the Great Outdoors

the dismemberment plan at the fillmore

Last night I was happily reunited with my friend Jarid (who has been off galavanting around the east coast for the past few weeks) and after eating (read: inhaling) half a pizza we headed over to the Fillmore (such a great venue) and finally cashed in the Dismemberment Plan tickets that I purchased BEFORE moving to San Francisco in a very "sealing the deal" on my move blaze of glory. How time flies! It's honestly hard to believe that Friday marks my three month anniversary here in SF. Dismemberment plan were rad, per the usual. 

I'm obviously celebrating my SF anniversary of sorts by heading out of town to NYC and Chicago (ha!) where it will be 19 degrees but I'll won't feel a thing surrounded by old friends and family for two glorious weeks. Here are some other things I've also been surrounding myself with: first up, is girls night at one of my new favorite restaurants Emmy's Spaghetti Shack. Because it's below 50 degrees on the daily and I clearly can't get enough carbs into myself, I was thrilled to dine at a place where not only are the pasta portions more than substantial but LOOK AT THOSE BALLS YOU GUYS. LOOK AT THEM. This dish was more than enough to split between three hungry people and paired up with a yummy romaine caesar salad and a side of broccoli rabe I was one happy girl drunk on delish comfort food. 

emmy's spaghetti shack san francisco

Another hungover morning this past weekend after indulging in a one-two knockout combination the night before of a bucket of fried chicken and made-from-a-box brownies (moving to California has had that common effect of making me a much healthier individual, cleary...) - although I did add some pumpkin to the brownies and pumpkin is a technically a fruit riiiiight? right! - my friend Ashley and I dragged our cranky selves over to West of Pecos.

west of pecos bloody mary

While the restaurant is a favorite of ours, I had never been for brunch and was quick to order up a bloody mary for myself per the usual. However, West of Pecos bloody marys are definitely not your normal brunch fair with fresh squeezed tomatoes and grapefruit (!) delivering a brunchy cocktail with a shock of tangy sweetness which I was not expecting but certainly enjoyed nonetheless. And look, they put a Christmas tree in it! How festive! 

Having my family in town over Thanksgiving and my awesome friend Brett here before that on his Pearl Jam West Coast Tour (true story) also provided ample opportunity to exhaust myself/take in some great local tourist activities including hiking Lands End, walking across the Golden Gate, lunching in Sausalito, hiking in Muir Woods, and MORE lunching in wine country. I'm sure some day I will perhaps become jaded to all of the remarkable beauty that is so easily accessible from the city I now call home, but that certainly isn't going to happen any time soon. 

the golden gate bridge
brett at lands end
muir woods
muir woods
el cerrito sunset

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