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Frightened Rabbit & Augustines at the Warfield AND more food

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Moving to a new city... boy is it hard. Not that anyone actually lied to me and said it would be a breeze. A change will do you good, but also sometimes drive you completely nuts in the process. Thankfully I have been comforted by a lot of very generous people who have offered endless hugs, kleenex, shots of fireball whiskey and words of encouragement from near and far. It's amazing the kindness that unfurls when you need it most, even in the most unexpected of places. 

That said, as I arrived for last night's I Rock I Roll fantasy lineup come to life aka Frightened Rabbit and openers Augustines at the Warfield Theater I was prepared for the worst. Like the emo effing worst to all come flooding out of me. Not to mention that I was physically sick and exhausted to boot. Woe-oh-oh is me. But from the first opening strums of "Juarez" an entirely different emotion flooded over me like some kind of calming snuggie of life. For the next two+ hours I listened to two of my absolute favorite bands playing at their very best in the heart of the city I now am lucky enough to call home. Problems? What problems? 

Confession: I still may have teared up when Scott of Frightened Rabbit did his solo turn as he typically does during FR shows and played an acoustic version of 'Poke' but that's because I'm not a robot with no soul. So there. 

Frightened Rabbit last month put out the US version of their Late March, Death March EP featuring new tracks including my personal favorites Candlelit and Default Blues. Augustines will drop their new self-titled album in January 2014


In other news (aka eating stuff!) my lovely friend Lindsay was in town this past week to visit which means lots of fun and lots of eating. We picked out Taqueria el buen Sabor in the Mission to satisfy our craving and I have to say their carnitas super tacos were just slightly life alteringly delicious. On the flip side of this low key spot, we also treated ourselves to a decadent multi-course brunch at another Mission spot, Lazlo. Lazlo is the cocktail bar that is attached to the uber-hyped restaurant Foreign Cinema - but the bonus is that Lazlo actually serves Foreign Cinema food (and better cocktails, from what a little thirsty bird told me). Highlights include their organic pop-tart, the croque madame, the truffle omelette (which legitimately MELTED in my mouth) and of course their amazing selection of west coast oysters. 

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SF Eats: Marina Girl Salad at Tacolicious & a Grouplove track too