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Field Mouse

I had a pretty fun time DJing a semi-emo set last night at Union Hall for the latest Hilly Town Presents show. I say semi-emo because I was DJing with Chris from Battering Room and that's pretty much all he ever plays. My favorite part of the night, however, outside of that and rocking out with my best white girl dance moves to Shark? was getting to see dream-pop band Field Mouse for the first time. When I first saw them milling about, I made a point to mention to the boys how pretty their lead singer (Rachel) is and I suppose I am not alone in this assessment given the video below for track "Glass" is actually just a close-up of her face with bubbles and stuff flying all around. She's also very nice, btw, and complimented our DJ set (not sure if it was the emo or non-emo bits she preferred, however).

Their set was equally as appealing and enjoyable to watch and listen to as the video, so if you like what you see I would definitely check them out. Field Mouse have a few upcoming shows including two at SXSW aaaaaaand very very very pretty 7" out on Feb 28th via Small Plates Records.

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