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Hustle Roses (ex Oohlas) release debut EP

Confessional: I might be one of the biggest "secret" Oohla's fans of all time. Actually it's probably not that much of a secret, but I always felt for some reason that, back when they were quite popular with the bloggerati set a few years back, I could never accurately express how much I loved that band so I just never really talked about it outside of my friend Meg and I driving around in her car blasting 'TV Dinner' at maximum volumes. Perhaps it's because I never once got to see them perform live, which is certainly a huge regret, but honestly I have no idea why I was so mum on the fact that Best Stop Pop was in HEAVY rotation circa 2006-2007.

Since then I have waited impatiently for some sort of an update on the band who were working to get out of a major label deal (who isn't, really) and finally we have one - sort of - and I couldn't be more excited about this. Hustle Roses (aka Ollie Stone), the singer of the band, has gone off on her own and put together a solo act that is quite a departure from the Oohlas garage rock sound. It's bigger, dancier, and - dare I say - even awesomer.

The debut Hustle Roses EP, Tequila Mockingbird, is available now on Bandcamp and iTunes and hopefully SOON on Spotify. Pump up these jams right now and this time I promise not to be so hush hush.

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