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Class Actress is a class act.

hi guys. so. i'm going to file this one under "singer songwriters i was never really into (because that is really, most of the time, not my bag) basically re-inventing themselves into something i like quite a lot." a few years ago Elizabeth Harper was one of these aformentioned singer songwriters. I recall hearing about her here and there, most likely from my friends and fellow bloggers who do really covet the coffee shop corner/living room/rockwood music hall scene more than i particularly do.

fast forward to now, and Harper is now lending her vocal and songwriting skills (and she totally has them, don't get me wrong) to an electro-pop trio made up of herself, and producers Scott Rosenthal and Mark Richardson called Class Actress. this is suddenly on paper a recipe for something i am totally down with and even better is that it's actually quite good upon first listen, especially as far the hit-or-miss realm of "electro-pop from Brooklyn" tends to go.

Class Actress plays at Glasslands on Feb 6th and then are opening for Yeasayer on Feb 9th (the same day as the release of their EP Journal of Ardency).

Class Actress - Careful What You Say

Class Actress - Let Me Take You Out

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