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maritime is a fun time

Saturday night, I went to Mercury Lounge to see Bound Stems, but ended up sticking around to see the band
Maritime after them (basically because everyone I ran into that I knew kept saying "Are you going to stay to see Maritime? Maritime are so great!" etc. etc).

And I have to tell you, I'm glad that I did, because Maritime pretty much WERE so great. Their music is basically synthy pop that is just NICE to listen to. For a very Nora-esque example: I could put their album (We, The Vehicles) on and clean my kitchen (which I really need to do... ugh) and have a really fun time doing it. The band features former members of Promise Ring and Dismemberment Plan, so obviously they are already on the right track to making good music -- and it shows

This song, in particular, goes beyond nice and is just plain fucking rad.

Maritime - Parade Of Punk-Rock T-shirts

and here's another, just because I love you.

Maritime - Tearing Up The Oxygen

Buy their album here!

kick it to the chorus!

Tally Hall + Freebird!