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a reason to lay low

Female singer-songwriters have been growing on me lately. While I've been through my Tori phase and my Bjork obsession, the genre has never really been one that I have gravitated to. But now I'm a somewhat unlikely Feist fan, I have an opinion on the different Cat Power records, and I squeeled with glee in my front hallway when I saw Jenny Lewis on the cover of the new issue of Filter that arrived today, so I guess it has been a steady progression.

A few weeks ago I saw a singer songwriter at Pianos who goes by the stage name Lay Low. In actuality, the act is a bluesy rock band from Iceland fronted by the charmingly shy Lovisa Elisabet. As Lay Low, she has a debut album out now called Please Don't Hate Me which showcases her husky vocals and low-key charm. She's the kind of act that would fit perfectly in a dark smokey bar while you lean back and sip a cold pint of beer.

Best of all, you might get the chance to do just that, as Lay Low will have two performances at CMJ this fall, before hustling back to play in her home country at the Icelandic Airwaves Festival. Either way, I'm smitten with these songs. Have a listen.

Lay Low - Mojo Love

Lay Low - Please Don't Hate Me

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