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VAMPIRES for this weekend...

There has been a lot of sun out lately, what with the solstice last week and what not. I would imagine that this would make them (them being vampires) very unhappy in general. That leaves very little time to party! Vampires have it rough. Lucky for them, there is an entire band whose name is devoted to making Vampire's have their very own weekends of fun. Meet Vampire Weekend. Yeah I'm just that clever.

But seriously, everyone is talking about this band, so give them a listen. I'm not sure Vampires would even be into this music, because it is fairly cheery and not very blood-drinking-esque.

I invented an adjective.

Here you go. Have a great weekend!

Vampire Weekend - Oxford Comma

Vampire Weekend - Cape Cod Kwassa (do vampires even GO to cape cod? i think not)

a reason to lay low

this = fun