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DELPHIC let's dance.

Altenative dance bands are all the rage, don't you know? Well if you don't know, it doesn't really matter, because I have been really enjoying them lately, and wanted to share a few choice picks. And so we have... Delphic, who are coming to the US from Manchester to... play Coachella. So far. Not very convenient but hopefully they will follow that up with some US dates soon. Judging from their press photo I would say that they are clearly dorks who love techno with good melodies, which I give two thumbs way up for on all points. Euphoric 80's ass shaking for all.

Delphic - Doubt

Delphic - Submission

Here are some other things worth listening to vaguely along the same lines. Have yourself a hump day par-tay.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
Hot Chip - Take It In
Yeasayer - One
Neon Indian - Deadbeat Summer

Class Actress is a class act.

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