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dinner with diesel

i haven't done an event write up on here in a while that wasn't an actual concert, but this one was pretty amusing so hopefully you'll enjoy it. last thursday my friend the lovely abbey of sup' mag and i traveled to midtown to check out the opening of the new Diesel Planet store on 5th avenue. i don't actually own anything (sorry!) from diesel, so clearly shopping was not on the agenda. instead we were going to check out their opening gimmick which was to have five young local "legendary" residents having a fancy dinner together... in the display window of the store.

and... that's pretty much exactly what it was. on the night that we went, the theme was obviously music (other nights involved socialites ala Blair Waldorf, the NY Giants, etc). included in the dining was the host Gabe Saporta (Cobra Starship ftw!), Dan Keyes from Young Love, Louis Epstein (Jump Into The Gospel), Prince Terrence (Spank Rock/Santogold), Ryland Blackinton (Cobra Starship) and Theophilus London (who I saw perform with Atrak at the Belvedere IX event the week before).

when we got there, teenage girls (and their moms) had already swarmed the outside of the store at the corner of 5th and 54th street, mostly to get closer to the object of their affection/lusting/obsession (plz stop sending me hate mail ok girls?), Saporta. we went inside the store and hit the top shelf open bar, though we were denied food because... it's fashion week and no one needs to actually eat right? the new store is actually really nice inside - three floors of really cute stuff. they even have a full length mirror that is actually a camera running on five second delay - just so that you can check out what your ass looks like in your new diesel jeans! seriously!

once properly Moet buzzed, we went back outside to see what the scene looked like thru the window. unfortunately the one major flaw in the whole event is that while you could watch the guys sitting around nom nom-ing on salads and chasing them with tequila shots, you couldn't hear what they were actually talking about over dinner, which I can only imagine would have been like "dude, these people are all watching us eat dinner and taking our pictures, plz pass the booze because this is bizarro." actually, though, the guys all seemed to really enjoy themselves (which reminds me, there were no female musicians who could have been at this dinner party? when was the last time you were at an all-guy dinner party anyways?).

when the dining was done, Abbey and I got in a quick interview with Gabe, who was utterly as charming as one might expect. When I asked him what four people, living or dead, he would want to have a dinner party with (example of: why I do not ever do interviews on this blog.. haha), he said Benjamin Franklin, Mickey Rourke (but maybe just Randy the Ram?) and Abbey and me (aww). Then Abbey's camera died before Gabe launched into a really entertaining story about the link between Stella and Gossip Girl that most people probably never have picked up on. Darn!

All in all, it was an interesting concept from Diesel, and their new store is supes nice, and if anyone wants to send me some diesel jeans or the new Cobra Starship album when it comes out, I would have no real objections to that.

james iha fail

It's Blitz! WOOO!