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WHEN I STEP IN THE CLUB - Events Round-Up!

These are my favorite kind of blog entries, because even though I just write a little music blog here, sometimes I get invited to some crazy events and parties. These usually involve giving my liver a good beating, finger food goodness, live tweeting and general geek-ery, gabe saporta (sometimes), go go dancers, good djs, horrid djs, etc. etc. So here is a little event round-up, so I can give out some love to the people who are kind enough to invite me to these soirees.


First up we have last week's Food 2 event, at the Food Network Test Kitchen (a place I have often dreamt of). Food 2 is the kind of a food site that a shitty cook like myself can totally embrace because they make food FUN. I mean seriously, if you go to their page right now there's something about a BURGER TACO (want!) - this is not cooking Martha Stewart style... well unless Martha did a bunch of tequila shots, smoked a doobie and desperately needed something to snack on while playing World of Warcraft... but even then she'd probably make some kind of crepe with fresh creme or whip up a lobster thermidor in lieu of burger taco.

Anyways, the event featured fun comfort foods, my favorite of which was a VERY tasty grilled cheese sammich - simple enough that I could make it but way more delicious than my standard kraft singles fare. They also had some whoa yummy sliders (which, you may recall, are my main criteria for knowing that you are at an AWESOME party).

We finished up with some nom-tastic Whoopie Pies and egg cremes which I devoured while oogling Top Chef hottie Spike, before I had to head off for a DJ gig.

Then last night, on an entirely different spectrum, I went to a launch party for Hennessy Black Label. The night started with a cocktail reception where I slowly sipped something called a Hennessy Black Spice, which the cute server explained to me was a mix of Henny, ginger and APPLE JUICE. What is spicy about that I am not entirely sure, but it was actually tasty and helped ease me into drinking Henny since it's a bit stronger than what I usually imbibe. Everyone was dressed to the nines, including miss Kim Kardashian, the armenian sister of Jen Music Slut. Eventually they opened some giant doors and everyone stampeded down a dark hall way to the star wars theme music (seriously) where we were greeted by MORE bars, MORE Henny cocktails and shots, and a live dance performance from the JabbaWockeeZ (who, I was told excitedly by a friend, were on that show “America’s Best Dance Crew”).

Finally, Swizz Beatz came out and performed his ode to all things Hennessy and clubbing, "When I Step In The Club." It went something like this:

Fast forward to this morning, when I awoke to find a fedora and a bottle of Hennessy Black Label in my purse. Has this vodka drinker been converted? Hmm...


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