It's Blitz! WOOO!

Finally finally finally the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have put out a smoking hot track. Karen O put some spice back into her life!!!!! This first single from the band's new album It's Blitz makes me super excited (could you tell? I also ate a packet of fun dip in lieu of an actual lunch which might also have something to do with it), and I think someone amazing needs to remix it ASAP.

About the new disc, Karen O says, "We've got a death grip on the adolescent way of feeling things." OH SNAPS. Let's hope I don't have to call her a liar later on. The album comes out on April 14th, so you can listen to it while you do your taxes at the last minute I suppose.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

It's Blitz! track listing:

2. Heads Will Roll
3. Soft Shock
4. Skeletons
5. Dull Life
6. Shame and Fortune
7. Runaway
8. Dragon Queen
9. Hysteric
10. Little Shadow