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Last night I went over to Annex with my friend Dmitri to see a band that I have been dying to check out since I got a copy of their album, but missed completely at SXSW due to either scheduling conflicts or tequila or some sort of combination of the two.

The venue was COMPLETELY packed when we got there, and somehow they squished in even MORE people by the time the Wombats took the stage. But what a lucky group of people we were, because the band from Liverpool tore thru pretty much every track from their debut album with an energy that resulted in an eventual MOSH pit, the kind of which I have never seen at Annex (and that I rarely really see at NYC shows period). Granted, a good majority of the crowd was made up of UK transplants/tourists and a few smitten early industry insiders and label people, but it was electric nonetheless. The Wombats kind of ARE like Christmas come early, and they brought the dance party along with them.

The band have no additional dates in the US as of righ tnow, but hopefully will be back in the summer after their extensive europe tour.

The Wombats - Kill The Director

The Wombats - Backfire At The Disco

the duke spirit + the pierces @ bowery ballroom

death cab for cutie possess my heart. again. forreals.