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death cab for cutie possess my heart. again. forreals.

When I was down in austin, I went to visit some old coworkers and favorite bands at the Chop Shop/Atlantic Records showcase (oh hai Tally Hall), and while I was there I heard what had already been repeated to me ad nauseum.

"The new Death Cab For Cutie album is AMAZING."

I used to be a really huge DCFC fan. Transatlanticism was my "jam," so to speak. The first time I heard it played in its entirety I was making out with a boy in the back seat of a car and I made him stop kissing me just so I could pay more attention to the album, that's how good it was. It is brilliant and the title track makes me weep like a baby. I gave that album out as gifts to my younger sister and her friends and told them that they MUST hear it. Then I worked at Atlantic around when they got signed, and then Plans came out, which was like... good cred for the label but kind of so-so hum-de-dum as far as an album goes, and was like NOTHING in comparison to Transatlanticism.

So in May the band is releasing their second major label album, entitled Narrow Stairs. And it is reported to be, like I said, AMAZING. And let me just say that if this first single is any indication, I am going to be completely in love with this record. I mean, FOR ONE THING, THE FIRST SINGLE IS OVER 8 MINUTES LONG!?!?!?! When was the last time a major label let something like that happen? Love. It.

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart


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