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soul meets body... decemberists meet death cab...

Basically everyone has already written about this show, from the Smoosh sighting/"controversey" to the lugies (ew), the yum-factor of an indie rock show "sandwich" and the brilliance of both Decemberists and Death Cab sharing a stage to cover Fleetwood Mac.

Instead I will just say that I thought it was a beautiful night, I'm bummed that I missed Stars, and that I'm really psyched that they serve both red wine and hotdogs @ Summerstage - what a combo! Also, suddenly 'Soul Meets Body' is the song I cannot get out of my head. I would put money on it being the background of some music montage on the OC this season. Who's with me? The whole album is fantastic actually, but there's no song quite like 'Transatlanticism,' which will manage to get me all emotional and choked up until the end of time

Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body


leave those kids alone!