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leave those kids alone!

a recent IM conversation aka all my guy friends are freaking me out today:

nora: wow, Brooklyn Vegan called Smoosh "leggy underage blondes" today
nora: they are 11 and 13 years old for christsake
nora: people are gross
shawn: dude
shawn: they're hottt
nora: they are LITTLE KIDS!!!!
shawn: i fantasize about them all the time!
nora: ew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shawn: haha
nora: i'm totally going to post this in my blog
shawn: i fantasize about little girls all day long at work
shawn: haha man, i wonder if I'd get fired
nora: let's find out
shawn: no!
shawn: haha
shawn: well.. ok

all I'm going to say is that if you thought THAT was kind of creeptastic, you should have seen the middle aged man wearing a smoosh shirt and singing along to all the songs at Spin. Geeze...

ps: Brooklyn Vegan is awesome. I'm just SAYING. :)

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