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the duke spirit + the pierces @ bowery ballroom

the duke spirit
(who were amazing)

the pierces
(who were also pretty amazing and very fun). sometimes i wish my sister and i could date guys in the strokes and form our own band and perform our songs on gossip girl and be gorgeous and stuff. but the pierces already exhist, so we would just be ripping them off anyways.

more here // photos by the lovely mahsa hojjat

it was seriously a night of gorgeous front women reigning all over the place at bowery last night! i actually wrote this whole amazing entry about SXSW (well okay, it's ,mostly just amazing that i actually WROTE it). then i suddenly found myself sans job and then the adaptor on my laptop MELTED and a new one costs 80 dollars (what the eff apple?!), so as usual i stopped writing for like... a month. oops. but i AM making an effort to go see more bands, now that i have a new job, and i really want to go see your band. and i am also really broke. but i am MAKING AN EFFORT OKAY. wah.

anywho, this show last night was fantastic, and i don't even think it was sold out, and I am sad that I missed Chief, but happy because while they were on I was eating one of the best meals I've had in a long time that I couldn't really afford - but it was delicious!

the duke spirit - you really wake up the love in me

the pierces - secret

my 1000th post on this blog! - the last shadow puppets