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winter sounds in summer

As I'm sure is the case with most other bloggers nowadays, I get a LOT of emails because of my blog, chock-full of new sounds to tempt my eardrums, lengthy press releases and fun promotional offers. It can be kind of overwhelming, but overall I've actually been able to discover a few great new bands by wading thru my inbox (and I love it when bands email me personally, just a suggestion).

Today I stumbled upon a track by a band called The Winter Sounds (not to be confused with Winterkids or any of the slew of other "Winter" bands). They have an album, Porcelain Empire coming out June 25th on Livewire Recordings. The first single is even called Windy City Nights, which I'm assuming is an homage to my hometown, although they are from Athens, GA and maybe it gets windy downt here too? I am not sure.

Their Myspace labels their music as "indie rock" and while it seems that they are just that, there is something more happening here that I just can't put my finger on. A little bit shoegaze and a little bit moody pop, solid songwriting, it just really comes together: sounding like sort of like everything but in a good way. Check out the single I mentioned below, and ABSOLUTELY listen to "Sound Forged Like Spine" on their myspace page

The Winter Sounds - Windy City Nights

The Winter Sounds are currently on an extensive US tour, with stops at Laila Lounge in Brooklyn on the 13th and a return trip to NYC appropriately enough after all our summer fun has ended, at Pianos on September 14th.

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